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A TRX workout at Total Heath & Fitness with Dr Katy


Personal Trainer Southside Glasgow

Dr Katy Personal Trainer and Health expert
I am a female personal trainer and health and fitness coach based in Giffnock on the Southside of Glasgow.   I can provide a range of 1 to 1 or 1 to 2 sessions from my private personal training studio, remotely or in clients homes.  Through my years as a Doctor I have developed the skills and knowledge to provide a truly client centred approach as a personal trainer to helping you reach your health and fitness goals.  I can provide strength, endurance and cardio fitness training as well as provide guidance on health and nutrition.  

I am focused on building a plan and fitness program that works for you.   Whether you are a beginner to exercise or more experienced, I can work with you to develop and individualised exercise plan that works around your life and commitments.  Investing in yourself is so important from a physical and mental wellness perspective and I am here to support your journey.

Practicing Doctor and Personal Trainer Glasgow Southside. 

Qualified female level 3 PT, Nutritionist and lifestyle coach


The experience of being a practicing Doctor for over 15 years

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A private fully equip studio where you will train with just me

Push up training

Strength, Fitness and Health

As a Personal Trainer my programmes at Total Health & Fitness are tailored to support your personal health and fitness goals.  Whether your goals are to improve your health through exercise and weight loss, improve your confidence or increase your fitness and strength, THF can help.  Many people underestimate the benefits of developing a stronger body through functional and strength training.  I can help find the right balance for you.


Client Centred Approach

Each of my clients are individuals and all have different reasons for training with me.  I work with my clients to fully understand your goals and any barriers you may have to achieving these.  I can then tailor diet, nutrition and lifestyle plans to suit each individual.  


As a practicing Doctor and PT I am ideally placed to coach you in moving towards your goals and improving your health and wellbeing. 

Practicing a hip thrust

Fitness & 
Strength Coach

Whether strength, cardio fitness or a balance is your goal I can help you develop in a way that suits your body type



I offer food diary analysis and suggestions for simple, practical and sustainable changes to help improve your nutrition.



I understand how closely our physical and mental health are linked and can help offer advice on improving mental fitness as well as physical fitness.


Lifestyle Coach

I feel passionately about helping clients improve their overall health through all aspects of lifestyle and understand how lifestyle changes can help improve physical and mental health problems.

Shoulder pressing with Dr Katy

Train Anywhere

You can experience personal training sessions at my purpose built private fitness studio here in Glasgow Southside.  This is a calm, private, relaxed space for anyone anxious about training in overcrowded gyms.  If you are on holiday or away with work I am  also equipped to train over Teams or Zoom.

Private Gym

We have set-up our private studio to be a relaxed space with equipment that suits everyone from beginners to more experienced clients.  We have functional, strength and endurance equipment and can provide a varied training plan over time.

Private fitness studio, fully equipt

Location - Southside Glasgow

My female personal training service is conveniently located in Giffnock, Southside Glasgow and within easy reach of  Newlands, Shawlands, Thornlibank, Cathcart, Netherlee, Clarkston, Newton Mearns and the surrounding areas.

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Follow my blog where I share stories about my clients journey's to heath & fitness, nutrition guidance including health and delicious recipes and of course training tips and workout information.

become part of my community of clients and be inspired by the progress and changes they have made.

  • Will other people be training at the same time?
    No, our studio is private and designed to train one person. You can however choose to train with a friend of family member with our 1 to 2 training package.
  • Do I need to be "fit" before I start personal training?
    No. If you are completely new to exercise I can slowly introduce you to becoming more active and give you confidence in what your body can do.
  • Is personal training affordable?
    I offer a free initial consultation to discuss your goals and explain what I can offer you. I have the option of one to one packages or one to two packages if you wanted to train with a friend. One to One Package includes an initial fitness, strength and postural assessment, individualised exercise plan, lifestyle advice, food diary analysis and nutritional advice. I am also on hand between sessions to answer any questions. This is priced at £300 for a 6 week block. The Two to One package is £360 (£180 each) for a 6 week block.
  • Is having a personal trainer worth the money?
    Personal Training may seem like a luxury but if you are looking to improve your own health and wellbeing it really is worth the investment. It is an hour a week of one to one time with someone who is solely focussed on helping you feel the best about yourself. Having a trainer gives the rest of your week focus and helps keep up your motivation to reach those goals.
  • How long will I need a personal trainer for?
    This really depends. It depends on each client's goals. Goals are revisited each 6 weeks and plans adjusted. Often clients see such large overall health benefits that they chose to keep training much longer than they initially planned!
  • Will exercise help menopause symptoms?
    Exercise can be helpful to manage some of the symptoms around menopause and perimenopause. Exercise promotes serotonin release which can help with mood changes experienced by some women. Exercise can also help improve sleep and night sweats. Some women find difficulty controlling their weight around the time of menopause and exercising regularly can help with this.
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