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Dr Katy

Fitness Coach, Founder

Total Health and fitness was founded in 2021 by myself, Dr Katy a General Practitioner with more than 15 years experience in health care settings.  Through this experience I have developed a passion for helping people improve their health and wellbeing through nutrition and exercise.  My focus is on understanding your goals and helping to give you the confidence and knowledge to achieve those goals.

I am a level 3 qualified Personal Trainer based in the Southside Glasgow and can offer 1:1 or 1:2 sessions in my private studio.  This creates a relaxed atmosphere away from the intimidation of overcrowded gyms.

My services include:

Personal training, Strength Coaching, Fitness Training, Nutritional Advice, Weight lose advice, Wellbeing coaching, and more.... 

I understand how daunting taking that first step to starting your health and fitness journey can be and how confusing the whole diet and fitness world can seem.  I can help by giving you individualised programmes tailored to your abilities and goals.

Take the next step, invest in yourself.

Dr Katy, trainer doctor and level 3 personal trainer

Listen to recent podcast on "Lift The Bar" about being a Doctor and  Personal trainer and the relationship between the two professions.

My clients

Get Inspired by Real People
My client natalie

“I feel positive about exercise in my life now and couldn’t imagine my weekly routine without it. Katy has made exercise fun for me and I feel more confident with my body. I have more energy day to day which is reflected in my work and home life. I can't recommend it more highly, and it has genuinely changed my life.”

— Natalie

my client sandra

" Mentally much happier in my self and with my body image…I feel comfortable in my own skin, if that doesn’t sound too corny! Physically much improved and my body is more toned”

— Sandra

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 "Whilst I have lost weight, the thing that I actually take the most enjoyment from is watching the weights that I am lifting going up. This somehow feels a lot more satisfying! My session with Katy is on a Friday afternoon, and I think it is the perfect way to end my working week, and begin the weekend. It is time for me to forget about any work stress and focus on having fun and looking after my physical and mental well being."

- Ingrid


 "Katy is an an amazing PT, she listened to what I was hoping to achieve in my fitness journey and designed a program which has delivered great results. Katy challenges me in a positive way which really encourages me to push myself.  I love training with Katy, she is great fun and makes PT super enjoyable, something I never thought I’d say about exercise!"

- Fiona

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