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My FAQ provides information about my services and also general information about Personal Training.  

  • Will other people be training at the same time?
    No, our studio is private and designed to train one person. You can however choose to train with a friend of family member with our 1 to 2 training package.
  • Do I need to be "fit" before I start personal training?
    No. If you are completely new to exercise I can slowly introduce you to becoming more active and give you confidence in what your body can do.
  • Is personal training affordable?
    I offer a free initial consultation to discuss your goals and explain what I can offer you. I have the option of one to one packages or one to two packages if you wanted to train with a friend. One to One Package includes an initial fitness, strength and postural assessment, individualised exercise plan, lifestyle advice, food diary analysis and nutritional advice. I am also on hand between sessions to answer any questions. This is priced at £300 for a 6 week block. The Two to One package is £360 (£180 each) for a 6 week block.
  • Is having a personal trainer worth the money?
    Personal Training may seem like a luxury but if you are looking to improve your own health and wellbeing it really is worth the investment. It is an hour a week of one to one time with someone who is solely focussed on helping you feel the best about yourself. Having a trainer gives the rest of your week focus and helps keep up your motivation to reach those goals.
  • How long will I need a personal trainer for?
    This really depends. It depends on each client's goals. Goals are revisited each 6 weeks and plans adjusted. Often clients see such large overall health benefits that they chose to keep training much longer than they initially planned!
  • Will exercise help menopause symptoms?
    Exercise can be helpful to manage some of the symptoms around menopause and perimenopause. Exercise promotes serotonin release which can help with mood changes experienced by some women. Exercise can also help improve sleep and night sweats. Some women find difficulty controlling their weight around the time of menopause and exercising regularly can help with this.
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